Locations getting added in the middle of the Atlantic?

Hi Coinshooters!

I had a support request today, and unfortunately, the email address that came through is bouncing back to me and I feel like I can’t help the guy who is needing help right now. So, Jake, I hope you see this post!

If you ever add a Location or Find and Coinshooter ends up placing it in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there are 2 possibilities:

  1. You are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I wish you smooth sailing!
  2. Your phone’s GPS or location services has returned a Latitude of 0 and a Longitude of 0

There are several reasons your phone might be telling Coinshooter that your current coordinates are 0, 0.

  • You might be getting really bad GPS, Cell, AND Wifi reception…this is usually not the case because usually, at least one of those is working. GPS works in some pretty remote areas. You might not be able to get the Address info that requires an internet connection, but you at least get GPS info. Even with bad reception, you still get something better than 0,0.
  • You may have Location Services turned off on your phone
  • You may have told your phone not to allow Coinshooter to use your Location Services

The most common situation is that people turn off Location Services to save Battery life. I have not found this necessary, but some people may. Location Services are required to get good Geo location data.

Here’s how to make sure Location Services is turned on for your phone and for Coinshooter iOS 7:

1. Go to the Settings App
2. Go to General
3. Go to Restrictions
4. You may have to enter your PIN
5. In the Privacy Section, go to Location Services
6. Make sure “Location Service” is switched on (showing green in the switch)
7. Scroll down to Coinshooter and make sure it is switched on as well

Hopefully that gets you going. If not, don’t hesitate to Contact Me. PLEASE be sure your email address is correct so I can contact you back!

Happy hunting!


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