Coinshooter is Live on the App Store!

Check out Coinshooter on the App Store!

The description on the App Store gives a good amount of detail on the features, so, I’ll just list a few here:

* Organize, map, and help in researching your locations
* Track hunts and finds by location
* Capture pertinent info on finds such as vdi, depth, various categorizations, images, etc
* Map your finds by location and/or hunts
* Email an image of a find, along with key data (no twitter or instagram or Facebook at this time)
* Export locations, finds, and categories. The export allows you to email either a JSON file that can be imported into another device, a GeoRSS file that can be imported into Google maps so you can view maps of your locations and finds via your computer, or as a .CSV file that can be imported into a spreadsheet.


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