Coinshooter 1.1 is Live! 1.2 submitted to App Store

Howdy Coinshooters!  Apple approved Coinshooter 1.1 last night.  Now you can get all of the Find slicing and dicing/filtering features that you’ve been wanting!

As quick as we could, we submitted version 1.2 to the App Store.  1.2 brings one HUGE feature.  Viewing and filtering all of your finds is nice, it’s good to be able to map them, but what you really want to do is to view all of the Photos for them.  At least I did.

I really liked being able to filter out to see all of my Barber dimes across all time frames and all locations.  But as soon as the list came up with them, I immediately wanted to be able to see all of the photos for them in the same Photo Browser.  Well, that’s what version 1.2 does for you.

Simply tap the action button on the Finds screen and select View Photos !



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